Peg and Awl Sendak Artist Roll

I recently bought a Sendak Artist Roll from Peg and Awl. I had wanted an artist roll for years now, but hadn't yet found one that truly called to me. When I first saw the Sendak online, however, I knew that it belonged in my life. Now that I've gotten it and had it for a few days, I can confirm that it is just as wonderful as I thought it would be. I chose my Sendak in the Spice waxed canvas with the brown leather strap, and I find it to be a very aesthetically pleasing combination. 

Not only is it beautiful, but it is also sturdy! The waxed canvas feels very durable, like it will age well. I also enjoy the fact that the Sendak has a big carrying capacity compared to most rolls I've seen around. It keeps my favorite art supplies organized, which is a big relief for a messy person like me. That means that it also makes the art making process easier. Now, when I draw or paint I always know where everything is! It's a wonderful feeling!

I should mention that with all the supplies that I put inside it, it has become a little heavy and bulky. In my case, the weight and bulk have not deterred me from taking it with me every time I leave the house, a testament to how much I love my Sendak. I'm happy to support Peg and Awl, a family-run business committed to upcycling vintage and found materials. I really like their thoughtful designs as well as the care they put into their craft. Overall, I would say that the Sendak Artist Roll is a special treasure that I will cherish for years to come. I can see it sparking joy for a long time and going on countless adventures with me. I couldn't be happier with it!