"One Week 100 People" Challenge

Last week, I participated in the "One Week 100 People" Challenge created by urban sketchers Liz Steel and Marc Taro Holmes. I also participated in this challenge last year and made a post about it that you can find in the archive. In my last attempt, my tally came to 46/100. This year, I'm proud to say that I reached my goal: 100/100. It feels like a big accomplishment. After all, I had a busy week and keeping up with the drawings was certainly a challenge. To be honest, I felt like giving up halfway, so I'm especially happy that I pushed through. I drew about one third of the pictures from life and the rest based on pictures from Sktchy and QuickPoses. I drew as much as I could on my bus commute to work on Monday and Tuesday, drew some people at work, some at the doctor's office, and even some at a restaurant. I can easily say that I've never drawn so many random people from life. Here is a selection of different sketches:

When I was about to start the challenge, I tried coming up with a strategy. However, in the end I just did whatever I felt like. You can see from the pictures that I tried out a few different methods. If I participate again next year, I'll definitely attempt a more focused approach, but for now I'll just savor my small victory!