Moving to Japan

It is with great delight that I announce that I’m moving to Japan at the end of next month. I recently found out that I have been chosen to work as an Assistant Language Teacher (ALT) through the JET Program and will be moving to a small city called Minamata in Kumamoto Prefecture. For better reference, Minamata is located in the Southern island of Kyushu, but I will write more on my specific placement later.

It has been a dream of mine to participate in the JET Program ever since I found out about it almost thirteen years ago. This is why, even though the application process requires patience, perseverance, and emotional endurance, I had no choice but to give it a try. I should also point out that since I first felt the desire to participate in the JET Program I have changed and grown quite a bit. Both my personal and professional goals have morphed, but when I searched inside myself, I realized that the desire was still very much there, which helped me take the plunge. Thankfully, the stars aligned to make this little dream come true.

Now that it’s really happening, it feels somewhat surreal. As we get closer to the departure date, I have to admit that my emotional life has gained some complexity, especially since I will be separated from my husband for at least four months. Yet, all things considered, I’m genuinely excited to help teach English and to promote intercultural understanding in Japan. I’m about to start my preparations, which will include fundraising, selling many of my possessions, and figuring out what to pack. I’ve decided to use this blog to document this new chapter of my life’s journey, so stay tuned for further updates.