Higuchi Yuko x Holbein Paper Trunk Set

Recently, I was lucky enough to get my hands on this paper trunk set, a limited edition collaboration between artist Higuchi Yuko and art supply company Holbein. They have been sold out for some time, since the set is from 2014, but I stumbled upon one for sale on Rakuten and couldn't help but buying it.

Here's what it came with:

  • set of 12 Holbein watercolors (5ml)
  • red metal palette
  • instructional booklet on how to paint with watercolors
  • Holbein resable brush
  • Black 0.3 fineliner
  • Albireo pad with the pages of Higuchi Yuko drawings to color in
  • Small sheet of stickers

The artwork on the paper trunk is stunning. Since it is made of paper, I'm not sure how well it will hold up over time, especially in the humid Japanese climate. But for now it is a cheerful item to have in my living space. I especially love the bright red palette that it came with. It's been very useful for color mixing, as the only other palette that I brought with me to Japan was my small Schmincke palette, which has limited mixing space. 

The watercolor set is also my first set of Holbein watercolors. The selection of colors is interesting and one that seems to work beautifully in Higuchi's work, but I can't say that it is a very good self-contained set for me. Some reasons include the inclusion of Opera pink, a well known fugitive, the small number of single-pigment colors, and the inclusion of colors which I simply don't see myself using in my own work. Regardless, it is great fun experimenting with another artist's color palette, and if anything, I've gotten to try some colors I had never tried before, such as cadmium red and cadmium yellow.

Here's the list of colors included:

  • Quinacridone Opera (BV10, PR122)
  • Cadmium Red Deep (PR108)
  • Brilliant Pink (PR209, PW6)
  • Permanent Green No. 1 (PY3, PY53, PG7)
  • Olive Green PY150, PG7, PBr25
  • Hooker's Green (PG7, PY110, PY150)
  • Permanent Yellow Light (PY74, PY83)
  • Cadmium Yellow Light (PY35)
  • Jaune Brilliant No. 1 (PO20, PY35, PW6)
  • Turquoise Blue (PG7, PB15, PW6)
  • Peacock Blue (PG7, PB15)
  • Permanent Violet (PV23)

I'm planning to post a color swatch when I have the chance!