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Peg and Awl Sendak Artist Roll

I recently bought a Sendak Artist Roll from Peg and Awl. I had wanted an artist roll for years now, but hadn't yet found one that truly called to me. When I first saw the Sendak online, however, I knew that it belonged in my life. Now that I've gotten it and had it for a few days, I can confirm that it is just as wonderful as I thought it would be. I chose my Sendak in the Spice waxed canvas with the brown leather strap, and I find it to be a very aesthetically pleasing combination. 

Not only is it beautiful, but it is also sturdy! The waxed canvas feels very durable, like it will age well. I also enjoy the fact that the Sendak has a big carrying capacity compared to most rolls I've seen around. It keeps my favorite art supplies organized, which is a big relief for a messy person like me. That means that it also makes the art making process easier. Now, when I draw or paint I always know where everything is! It's a wonderful feeling!

I should mention that with all the supplies that I put inside it, it has become a little heavy and bulky. In my case, the weight and bulk have not deterred me from taking it with me every time I leave the house, a testament to how much I love my Sendak. I'm happy to support Peg and Awl, a family-run business committed to upcycling vintage and found materials. I really like their thoughtful designs as well as the care they put into their craft. Overall, I would say that the Sendak Artist Roll is a special treasure that I will cherish for years to come. I can see it sparking joy for a long time and going on countless adventures with me. I couldn't be happier with it!


Little Brass Box Travel Palette

 Little Brass Box Travel Palette

The Little Brass Box Company is a one-man artisanal workshop producing some of the finest solid brass paintboxes in the world. John Hurtley, the man behind the Little Brass Box Company, makes all of his brass paintboxes by hand in his U.K. home studio. After placing an order last spring, and waiting several months on a waitlist while saving money for it, I now count myself as the lucky owner of one of these little brass boxes. You can imagine my excitement when it came in the mail yesterday!

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New Daniel Smith Colors

Last Sunday, I was fortunate to have my husband take me on a little day trip to Seattle. I had a wonderful time walking around Capitol Hill, delighting in the architecture of some of the homes near Volunteer Park, and also simply taking in the beauty of the newly arrived spring.

 Since we were headed there, I decided that I wanted to stop by the Daniel Smith store. After all, I love Daniel Smith watercolors and I had wanted to visit their store for a couple of years. The staff members were all extremely kind. I decided to get a couple of 5ml watercolors, Raw Umber and Undersea Green, since they were a good deal. At checkout I asked if they had a dot sampler of the new colors that recently came out, and while they didn’t have one handy, they immediately offered to make one on the spot for me, which I really appreciated.


A very nice makeshift dot sampler, as you can see. Thank you, Daniel Smith! I especially like the Wisteria and the Payne's Blue-Gray. What do you think about these new colors?