Hello! My name is Luna. I currently live and work in Kumamoto, Japan where I enjoy painting with watercolors. When I'm not painting, you can often find me meditating, journaling, taking pictures, drinking tea, or going on adventures with my husband Ishtar.


Although I've always had a great passion for art --and dabbled in it for a long time-- it was only a few years ago that I decided to follow my heart's desire to pursue it seriously. It was at around the same time that I decided to take up watercolors, a medium that I had always found beautiful yet terribly intimidating. Along the way, I found a deep passion for sacred geometry and Islamic geometric pattern, which I'm currently studying.

My journey as a budding artist has been a humbling one, but I have found great joy in the lessons that it has taught me and the connections that it has brought into my life. I look forward to discover how this journey will unfold with each passing day and I'm especially excited to share it with you. Feel free to follow along and join me as I continue learning, playing, and exploring.

Discovering the joy of painting, circa 1996

Discovering the joy of painting, circa 1996