Hello! My name is Luna. I currently live and work in Kumamoto, Japan where I enjoy meditating, painting, journaling, taking pictures, writing letters, playing taiko, riding my bicycle, drinking tea, and going on adventures with my husband & creative partner Ishtar.


I have always been an artist.

I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t one. I remember how one day, as a young child in my grandfather’s office-studio (he had taken up oil painting as his hobby during retirement) I looked inside the metal cabinet where he kept his paints. I remember how, even without words, while gazing those paint tubes I had an all-consuming feeling of wanting to paint— needing to paint!—yet at some point also experiencing a sense of frustration at being in a child’s body who couldn’t quite do what I had once been able to do. Still, I had a good time painting and playing with colors in the way that only children can. Over time, the art took on additional forms for me: writing, drawing, taking pictures, etc. It didn’t really matter what the medium was, as long as I could create something. There was, and still is, a creative impulse at the bottom of my being that ties together all the seemingly disparate disciplines of art that I’ve pursued through the years.

At present, I am interested in continued exploration and expression of self, and the intersection of the Divine and the artistic in its myriad forms. The task is to connect with the vast Stillness that is within and without, and to channel it in a way that feels true to my soul. My creative practice is shaped by my mystical leanings and my ongoing meditation practice in a pleasant effort to let myself sink in the ocean of Self-Realization.

Feel free to follow along and join me as I continue learning, playing, and exploring on this beautiful and mysterious journey that is life.